How do I change my registered email or password? (Settings Page)

On your settings page ( you can change the following account information:

- Registered email address
- Profile image
- Password

To change your account information, please log in to Gyazo, then follow the instructions on the settings page.


■ Change your registered email address:

Click "Edit Account info" on your settings page.  Fill in your new email address, and click "Change". 

As soon as you change your email address, Gyazo sends a verification email to your new email address. Please see the email and click the link to prove you are the owner of this email address.

You may have to check your spam folder. Just in case you lost the verification email, there will be a message on the top of your history page / settings page to resend verification mail.  Please click "Resend Verification Email" to make sure you receive verification mail from Gyazo, and verify your new email address.  This message will disappear when the email address is verified.


■ Change your profile image:

Click "Edit Account info" on your settings page.

In the "Profile Image" box, paste a link to the Gyazo image you wish to use. 


■ Change your password:

Go to your setting page, and click "Change Password".  Fill in your old and new password.

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