I forgot the email address for my account. Help?

There are two ways to get your registered email address information back to you.

1. Launch Gyazo App to automatically log in to your account

  • Launch Gyazo App and upload a screenshot.  This process will make you automatically log into your account without entering your email/password.  (Note: it won't make you automatically log in if you formatted your PC nor if you unlinked your device.)
  • Then, visit your setting page and you will find your email address appears here.

2. Search for "Welcome to Gyazo" email through your mail box

  • When you sign up for Gyazo, Gyazo send an email titled "Welcome to Gyazo" to your registered email address.  Therefore, please search for the email which has the subject "Welcome to Gyazo" in your mail box. The email address which receives that email is the registered email address.


Note: You may have not registered for Gyazo yet. 

Gyazo can be used without your email address being registered.  However, we always recommend you to register your email address to create your account.  It protects your Gyazo data, especially when changing to a new computer or reinstalling the operating system.

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