How can I launch Gyazo with hotkeys / key shortcuts?

Gyazo for Windows has hotkeys by default but unfortunately Gyazo for Mac does not.  Now however, you can install Gyazo extension for Google Chrome and add custom keyboard shortcuts to it.

For Windows Users:

Gyazo and Gyazo GIF can be launched with these default shortcut keys.

To change your shortcut keys, please open Gyazo Settings by right clicking on the Gyazo icon in your task bar.  You can also open Gyazo Settings from start menu.



For Mac Users:

Gyazo for Mac does not have shortcut keys, however, you can install the Gyazo extension for Google Chrome and add custom keyboard shortcuts to it.  (Gyazo for Chrome is available for Windows, too.)

Add custom shortcuts to Gyazo for Chrome

  • Head to chrome://extensions/ in your browser's address bar or click on settings to open up the extensions page. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see a Keyboard Shortcuts option. Click it, and open "Keyboard shortcuts for Extensions and Apps".
  • Now you can set up custom shortcuts for the Gyazo extension (for example, command + G), and click OK.  Now you can launch Gyazo extension with shortcuts.
  • Also, when you launch Gyazo extension you can choose the select mode by keyboard as well (E, S, P, W). 
    • E : Element
    • S : Select area
    • P : Visible Page
    • W : Whole Page
  • By combining these keys, you can capture what you are seeing on your Chrome by pressing Command + G and then P, for example.





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