Solution for "can't connect to server / internet" and error codes 12002, 12007 or 12029

These errors are caused by the Gyazo App not being able to use the Internet connection on your computer to upload.  This can be caused by any of a few different things including antivirus software, firewalls, or by proxy / network configuration errors.

To resolve this error, please try the most likely case below if you have an idea or start with #1:

  • Case 1: Your computer is not connected to internet
    • Verify that you can access the Gyazo website ( ) or any major website.
  • Case 2: DNS is not resolving correctly, or router is not working properly
    • Restart your computer and your router.
    • Try accessing Gyazo ( ) via another network such as the 4G connection of your mobile phone to verify.
  • Case 3: The network you connect to the internet through (such as a school, company, or government) does not allow you to access or upload to
    • Try using another network if possible.
  • Case 5: There may be a problem with your proxy settings / network configuration
    • This case can happen when you configure your browser's proxy settings for a school intranet then try to use the same settings outside of the school's network.
    • To check if there are any problems with the proxy settings, try accessing Gyazo ( ) with a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.  If it is the case that you can access Gyazo with Firefox but not with IE and Chrome, there might be a problem with proxy settings.  Please configure your proxy settings back to the default you would use on the network you are currently using.

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