Gyazo extension for Chrome / Firefox / Edge

Grab the extension for Chrome, Firefox or Edge and get Gyazo wherever you go.

Save a selected area, a specific image, an entire web page, or a page element without leaving your browser. This makes it much easier to collect seamlessly whenever you see something you want to keep online.

You can also capture images instantly when using a different computer and without downloading the Gyazo desktop app. This is convenient for using Gyazo on a computer at school or work that has restricted access to downloading and installing applications.

We hope you enjoy this new way of using Gyazo to save and collect your favorite images. Together with the new Gyazo collection features you can now easily get all of your images from the web saved and sorted for later reference or sharing.


Key Features

  • Capture a screen shot of a web page, a selected area, or an element instantly

  • Use the right click menu to directly capture images
  • Hover over regular Gyazo links on any webpage to see a quick preview

Image History
When you use these features the web page’s title and url are shown privately on your image page. This saves a link to the source, and you can search for your images later without the need for manual tagging.
You can always add tags or write a description on the image page and if you have a Pro account, you can also edit your images online and much more.
Note for Firefox Users
Please visit your Firefox settings> privacy page and make sure that under history you have it set to "Firefox will: remember history." This is required to enable the browsing and image history features that come with your Gyazo account. 
If you like the extension or add-on please go and give us a nice rating too, we appreciate it! And we always welcome your comments and feedback.
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