Gyazo API, oEmbed API

Gyazo API

Gyazo provides a standard RESTful API for HTTP requests which returns a response in JSON.

The API features several powerful features which can be used to add new functionality to almost any application that handles images:

  • Authenticate a user’s ID
  • Upload Images
  • Get a list of a user’s past images
  • Delete images
  • More

The app has a generous rate limit set and by sending us a message it can be increased depending on the situation.

Read the documentation and register your application to get started.

To create our chrome/firefox extension, we used the Gyazo API extensively. As an example of how to use the API you can review the code on github.


oEmbed API

Gyazo supports for the oEmbed API which makes embedding much faster on enabled sites.

On blogs such as WordPress* and in Slack teamchat you can now embed images instantly by pasting a plain Gyazo link and on many others sites as well. (*For WordPress, some coding is necessary.)

oEmbed is a great format for quickly embedding content from sites like YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud, and now Gyazo onto blogs and networks.

You can paste a Gyazo link and it will appear immediately on more sites soon.  For example, here is how it looks when pasted into a Slack chat:

For Developers:
It is possible to get Gyazo images embedded on your site and in your apps if you have oEmbed set up. To get started please refer to our API documentation.


Awesome Gyazo

Check out our Awesomelist on github for source, APIs, libraries, and even Gyazo for nintendo 3DS:


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